Ashli Coggins

Staff Writer

The Gibbs-Green Plaza is a classic feature at Jackson State University. Whether serving as a yard for the Greeks or the destination for all hotspots, every student or alumni can testify to their many memories that were made on the plaza.

In 1970, tragedy struck the campus of what was then Jackson College. Two students were killed, Phillip Gibbs and James Green. In memory of the two young men, the plaza that was to be built would be named after them, in their honor.


The plaza runs directly through the center of the campus and is aligned with plots representing every Greek organization. On each side of the plaza lies several school buildings, and the plaza itself has many benches and seating areas set up for the leisure of JSU’s students. For many students, especially freshmen, this set up jump starts their college experience.

Sha’Ronika Minor, sophomore criminal justice major said,” What comes to mind when I think about the plaza is all the memories I made freshmen year and all the lifelong friends that I will forever have.”

With so many events occurring each semester and so many students sitting out every day, regardless of the weather, there is always a crowd or group of people to mingle with.

Lamont Harris, sophomore music major said, “I think about all the wonderful people out here, you know, just enjoying theyself on the plaza; the hotspots, the events they have sometimes, just a good time.”

College years are seen as the most enjoyable years in life. The Gibbs-Green plaza invites the students of Jackson State University to a central location to relax, party, and enjoy their college experience. That is why the Gibbs-Green plaza is “So JSU.”