Ashli Coggins

Staff Writer

As the end of the fall semester nears, many students are excited to leave school for the holiday break.

“Break! All I can think about is break. I need a break!” says Jamia Webber, a speech communications major.

Several students feel that after midterms are over, large amounts of stress are piled up upon them, and sometimes, these things are too much to handle.

Desimen Robinson, a junior therapeutic recreation major spoke about the necessary struggle to make it to the end of the semester.

“It’s like you have to pull up midterm grades, while handling the grades that are currently being processed. You have to balance money, study, and prepare for the finals that are coming entirely to fast. It’s a struggle, a very hard one, but in the midst of all of that, you have to try to keep your sanity in knowing that it will all pay off.”

For these Jackson State Students, however, the constant struggle is swiftly coming to an end. Thanksgiving break lasts Nov. 21 through Nov. 25.

Holiday recess for the university begins on Dec. 9.