Ashli Coggins

Staff Writer

Many Jackson State students are welcoming in this year’s holiday season with of acts of charity and philanthrophy.

Several events are taking place on and around campus that engage these students to get involved with the community.

“I’ve always had everything I wanted and needed for the holidays. It’s saddening to know that others don’t and a part of me wouldn’t be able to rest if I didn’t do anything to help the less fortunate ,knowing that the smallest act could bring so much joy,” says Treasure Stegall, a junior music major.

Some campus organizations are hosting events that invite students to participate such as, “Thee Great Thanksgiving Giveaway.” This event is hosted by Mr. Debonair, Mr. Junior, Mr. Freshmen, and the entire junior class, “Thee Great One8.”


Other events are being hosted in partnership with large, statewide entities such as the Salvation Army and the Mississippi Food Network. Along with Jackson State University, these organizations have partnered together to form the third annual “Turkeys from Tigers Turkey Drive,” which is intended to help feed disadvantaged families.


Tahzija Sykes, a sophomore from West Point, Miss. feels that participating in charitable events is necessary for all students.

“Many people fail to realize how fortunate they are for the things that they have. I feel like I could have been in one of the families in need this holiday season, and even though I’m not, it’s not right for me to live lavishly while others suffer. Personally, I feel like giving back to the less fortunate is a task that everyone should take on at least once in a lifetime.”

For a full list of all charity events taking place around JSU, visit the JSU website.